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Beach car cropOur debut issue of the Lightning Key review, featuring works by Joe Millar, Rick Campbell, Silvia Curbelo, Erica Dawson, John Henry Fleming, Diane Glancy, Lola Haskins, Michael, Hettich, Peter Meinke, Dave Oliphant, Katherine Riegel, Mary Jane Ryals, Ira Sukrungruang, Michael Trammel, and the fantastic photography of Marion Post Walcott.


colorful marketMy father always said it was better to work with people than with machines. He learned that from his father who worked for the phone company all his life, laboring in coils of wire and asbestos. I took their advice to heart. While I haven’t always liked everyone I have ever worked with, I’m hard pressed to say I prefer asbestos to them. Luckily, this issue is a labor of love with people I enjoy greatly.

We are calling this second issue “From the Window Seat,” a title I stole from a conversation with Lorie Jewell, whose photography comprises our cover shots when you enter the site. Jewell was a soldier-photo-journalist in the Army and served tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The photos you will see here are from one trip into Afghanistan—each one snapped from the back of a pick-up truck or through that eponymous passenger side window. Like the cover photos from our last issue, we have again here a photographer visiting a strange land and returning with striking images of everyday life and natural beauty.

Originally, we wanted this second issue to be about work. In some ways, it’s impossible for it not to be, as all of our contributors are sharing the fruits of their labors with us. You’ll find all sorts of different creations here from the divine to the dirty human jobs we’d rather not do to the escapist releases from those employment ties that bind us.

We hope you enjoy this work and send us your own.

-The Editors


Our third issue of Lightning Key Review featured great new work by Hannah Varden, Joe Betz, Patrick Bizzaro, Ace Boggess, Bruce Bond, Rita Ciresi, Jeanne DeLarm-Neri, Jennifer Gravley, Toti O’Brien, Cari Oleskewicz, Jane Rosenberg Laforge, & George Such.  Click here for the full issue.


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