Issue 2.2 — Presence before Absence

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Our fourth issue of LKR is here, featuring great photography by Christie Clancy; new writing by Alisha J. Bergliot, Amanda LaTrenta Crane, William Derge, Charity Gingerich, Kathy O’Fallon, Terry Ann Thaxton, Ellen Roberts Young; and an interview by Brent Short with Orison Book’s Luke Hankins.

I am calling this issue “Presence before Absence.” It’s an adage of sorts from writing workshops:  You can’t expect a reader to know about a character’s absence before first establishing that character’s physical presence in a story or poem.  The title responds firstly to themes present in the work from our great contributors this issue. Please read their work and enjoy it!

And the title also acknowledges someone who is absent.

Our founding editor, Kurt Wilt, passed away from cancer this past summer.  It is not an overstatement to write that Lightning Key Review would not have been possible without his vision, passion, creativity, and hard work. It gave him no end of pleasure to know that the work featured here was out in the world, representing the best of a poetic aesthetic he championed his whole life: brief, imagistic narrative.

He spent his last year rising above the illness with the help of his loving wife, family, and friends, all of whom were integral parts to his creative life.  This issue is dedicated to his memory and legacy.  May his peaceful spirit live on in all of us.

-The Editors

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